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I know it sounds weird but if someone were to ask you to prove you were alive what proof of life would you offer?  Birth certificates only prove you were born.  Breathing only proves at some level that you physically exist.  Possessions, for most people, only prove they are in debt.  342 facebook friends only proves we have changed the definition of friendship.  Jesus said that our proof of life is located in how excellent we become at – Love. For the next 4 weeks we’re going to undertake an ambitious goal of defining Love.  I think God has one idea and we may have another.  The question is how important is it for us to get on the same page with God.  This new series – love: agápē isn’t a tribute to Valentine’s Day, it’s more like an adventure where we explore and discover the primary moving force behind creation itself – God’s Love.
Join us Sunday morning.
Lookin for love...,