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QUESTIONS FOR LIFE GROUP - 10/16/18 @ 6:30 @

The Heins’ Home - 1309 Horseshoe Bend (Sweetgrass)

1. Grace is giving something that is undeserved or unearned. Gifts are tangible acts of grace.  Talk about a time when you gave a gift that was undeserved. Why did you give it and how did it make you feel?
2. Reflecting back on Pastor Thomas' impactful explanation of the crucifixion of Christ, how does it affect you to know Jesus suffered all that willingly for each of us?
3. In order to never forget the sacrifice of what Jesus did on the cross, we need to have an "attitude of gratitude". This needs to be manifested and visual for others to see. How do we accomplish this?


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Hurricane Florence - Church Tomorrow?

Good morning everyone,

This E-letter will be a lot longer than usual since we  WILL NOT be having a worship service tomorrow. I hope you will read further so that you can pick up valuable info on upcoming opportunities at Life Community Church...

This has been a week of uncertainty for most of us due to what was Hurricane Florence. Thankfully she is leaving and we are safe, yet others were not spared. Our prayers are needed for those today who have been and continue to be influenced by this massive storm. Stop now to share that prayer with God.
Lynda and I began last weekend in Williamsburg, Virginia where we spent time with some special friends from James City Community Church who, over this past decade, have supported Life Community and in this last half year have been a significant part of our family's continuing recovery from the February 23rd tragedy.
I had the opportunity to speak twice at their morning worship services as well as to share with them about the book I am writing -  Participation.
So grateful for Les and Laura leading the worship service back here at Life Community and for Les' message which I wish I could have been here to experience. Thanks also to Lauren for her leadership and whomever was on set up team thank you (God knows you and honors your service).
The Week That Was... the week that began seven days ago and is now history. How was yours? No need to hurry here, stop and recall how that week went.
I hope we're not beating ourselves up over the mistakes we made. God has a provision for that - cleansing prayer.  Share it with Jesus and allow God's grace to renew your life NOW!
I hope we're not basking too deeply in our accomplishments. God has a provision for that also - humility. Be grateful but move on and look for how God will use you this week.
Life Community is in the middle of something critical, something important, something needed, something beyond ourselves that God longs to do through our lives.
As we move further into the Fall of 2018, all of you who are a part of Life Community are called to be a part of the Big Reveal from God. 
Try this for starters. Ask God - Father, what are you up to in my life and the life of my church? Asking that simple question, invites God into the ultimate answer!
At Life Community our three values begin with this word - BELONG. Everyone who steps inside the doors of LCC belongs. And there are no exceptions to this value God has given to us.
The next two values, to BELIEVE and to BECOME are of course up to YOU.
Presently we have been in a teaching series exploring the Kingdom of God. If you've been here for these talks you know something about how they are leading us to consider an option for our lives based upon the teachings of Jesus.
In our upcoming series for October - November we'll be talking about our SOUL and how to recover the most important part of our lives so that we might flourish as Human Beings!
In December we will celebrate around the discovery of Christmas Awe.
All of this is designed to help bring into being what God has already ordained. So that Life Community might awaken to and embrace her calling as a unique church planted in the middle of
Mt. Pleasant, SC for a time such as this.
You can BECOME a part of all of this process tomorrow morning where you are. At 10:15 wherever you are, join your prayers with our family as we will be praying for
God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven through Life Community Church.
Then, join us on Tuesday evening at 6:30 for Life Group at the Heins home 1309 Horseshoe Bend, Mt. P 29464. If you plan on being a part of this event respond to this E-letter to receive the questions we'll be covering. Also, PLEASE let us know if you can bring an appetizer to share.
Enjoy your Sunday with your family and remember that you are needed for something beyond ourselves that God wants to do though our lives!!
Pastor Mike
(Philippians 1:6)
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We begin meeting at our NEW LOCATION Sunday June 24th! Please join us at the Musical Theater Center/Once Upon a Ballet located at 547 Long Point Rd. Mt. Pleasant SC 29464. Look for our Life Community Church signs to guide you to the right place.  Surrounding businesses include DUFF Fitness and Two Blokes Brewing.  See you there at 10:15am.

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Dear Community,

Thank you for the outpouring of love and support in the wake of the tragedy on February 23rd that took our worship leader, Bryan Cooke's, life and injured our pastor, Mike Cooke.  The generosity you have shown our family and our church during this time is a testament to the friendship God has forged, a friendship that never ends. The peace of the Lord be always with you.

The enemy comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy. I have come that you might have life and have it to the full.  (Jesus Christ, John 10:10)

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Weekly Gathering

Please join us at the Musical Theater Center/Once Upon a Ballet located at 547 Long Point Rd. Mt. Pleasant SC 29464. Look for our Life Community Church signs to guide you to the right place.  Surrounding businesses include DUFF Fitness and Two Blokes Brewing.  See you there at 10:15am.

We keep things simple – come as you are and enjoy a cup of coffee and our weekly time of gathering. LifeSavers kids ministry is offered during the service for children up through 5th grade.

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Support for LCC

If you’d like to support the mission of Life Community please find details here

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Next Steps...

We hope you will join us this Sunday at 10:15am for our weekly gathering as together we pursue God, build meaningful relationships and embrace our local community.

Check out the "Who We Are" page for some more info on LCC or send us a note with any questions via our "Contact Us" page.

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