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Life Community is a Christian Non Denominational church located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Our focus, our main interest here is pursuing the life God has given each of us as we journey with one another.

In the Bible’s New Testament there is a statement delivered  by the Apostle Paul. He says: Now there remains three things, faith, hope and love. The greatest of these is love. Loving is not a word that always describes who we are…but together we are learning to love better.

So, we set out to explore, what does it mean to love God, and what does it mean to love each other (even people we may not like)? If we were to love, really love, what would it look like?

It would probably look like this:  rather than condemning others we would build bridges to friendships so we could know them and they could know us.  Life can be that simple; to know others and to be known by others.

Now, in order to do that kind of work we have to create a community of people who believe in this pursuit. We are not all alike, no church is. We at times disagree, but in the end, we come to realize that God’s love can radically change ones worldview which in turn changes ones life.

Jesus noted that our being who we were created to be hinges on the action of love. He said we’d be far better off loving God with all of our being and loving our neighbor as we love ourself. We can’t do this by ourselves, so we practice leaning into God and depending on one another.  Some days it works, and those are days we grow to appreciate our interdependence on each other. Those are days we feel most alive.

There are other articles you’ll find here under the headings of Conversation, Connection, and Community which will give you a broader look into the heart of Life Community Church. If you have any questions or want to dig deeper into what you’ve read here please join us on Sunday at 10:15 or you can reach me via phone call or text at 843-754-9361 or through email at mike@lifecommunitychurch.cc

Thank you for taking a look at Who We Are

Mike Cooke, Pastor

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We hope you will join us this Sunday at 10:15am for our weekly online gathering as together we pursue God, build meaningful relationships and embrace our local community. You can find our online service at our Facebook page.


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