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Good morning to each of you!

I hope you have found inside of this past week something that you would consider exceptional and encouraging as well as something that was challenging which in the end became inspiring.
Such is life, this day by day adventure of becoming who were created to be seems as if it will take an entire lifetime. And of course if will.
If arriving becomes our goal, we may find ourselves disappointed on the journey. The real journey, the one which includes challenge and encouragement. The LIFE everyone has been called up into. The LIFE many never accept.
Tomorrow we bring to a semi-conclusion our Spring series - How Alive Are You? 
But, the Big Idea behind those messages will continue to guide us as we flesh out the HOW and WHY of living Sustainable Relationships.
We'll be using different methods such as Open Forums, Interviews, Enneagrams, and Sunday Brunches to discover and apply the art of BECOMING throughout this Summer of 2019 @
Life Community.
In the New Testament, when the first churches were being planted after the resurrection of Jesus, we read this simple ten word verse of scripture which captures the exceptional challenge and inspiring encouragement one locates in Jesus and his life.
In him we live and move and have our being - Acts 17
I believe this Summer can be, a time of becoming the WE Life Community was placed in
Mt. Pleasant to BE.
Please take the time to join us in there morning @ 10:15
Pastor Mike
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A Real-Life Easter Message

Pastor Mike's article on tragedy, the loss of Bryan and healing came out in the Carolina Compass earlier this year.  The article is not available online currently, but you can pick up a copy at church this Sunday.

Our continued thanks for the generosity the Mt. Pleasant community has shown our family and our church during this past year.  What a testament to the friendship God has forged, a friendship that never ends.

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Next Steps...

We hope you will join us this Sunday at 10:15am for our weekly gathering as together we pursue God, build meaningful relationships and embrace our local community.

Check out the Location page for more details on where to find us this Sunday or click the directions button to the right.

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