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We finished Part 1 with these two questions ;

What’s the Next Step?

Why am I not taking it?

A lot of answers to those queries, so let us get on with them.

In John 14 Jesus says this to his Disciples; You know the way to the place where I am going.

Thomas, one of the disciples, oftentimes had a rejoinder. Thomas said to him, “Lord we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?”

Jesus answered, I am the way…..

What’s going on here in the exchange that relates and connects us to this conversation?

Thomas was a “player”, a Disciple, and a sojourner with Jesus. And Thomas was honest, sincere in his desire to understand, and to be reassured.

Thomas was being Thomas, he wasn’t playing the role of someone else, he was hoping to find the truth.

What about us? When it comes to our own Life Movements, what do we need to know from Jesus?

Here’s where we should begin. Take some time to read through the Sermon On The Mount. There are 111 verses on how God the Father envisions a significant and real Life Movement.

Below, take the time to read through these eight thoughts and jot down some thoughts of your own.

  1. People who Recognize their Brokenness, are the people God loves to Bless.
  2.   Religion and God are not always in agreement.
  3. Giving generously of what we have is the only solution to our greed.
  4. Prayer is a Conversation that can Realign our Perception of Life.
  5. What we care deeply about defines how we live out our lives.
  6. Worry is an indication that we haven’t learned to trust God.
  7. If we have to judge, look at our own lives instead of finding fault with others.
  8. Building a foundation to live our lives begins on the Inside.

After reading choose one of these to begin your Life Movement!





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