Two mintue read. Jesus believed in himself because He believed in the Father.  When He said; […]
Two minute read. We finished Part 1 with these two questions ; What’s the Next Step? […]
Two minute read. What does it mean to you to work at Movement? Many people would […]
Two minute read. Greetings all! I took several weeks to spend time with my family and […]
2 minute read. During the course of our lives, we often find ourselves stepping back a […]
2 minute read. Our Faith isn’t so much about WHAT we believe, WHY we believe, or […]
2 minute read. Humanity, God’s creation, has since the beginning, been focused on taking care of […]
2 minute read. About seven years ago I had an opportunity to meet Father Richard Rohr […]
2 minute read. In part 1 we spoke of Jesus as a disturber of assumptions. Those assumptions […]
2 minute read. Jesus was often seen as a disturber of assumptions. We could say that […]