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During the course of our lives, we often find ourselves stepping back a few paces when there is something we have discovered that has discovered us.

It is often true that during these times of stepping back we become surprised at what we find in ourselves. And that is precisely why we are drawn to take a look.   

Our approach during the look, the step back, brings forth what we might call an Old Saw; Yes, No, or Maybe So? Please, do not expect to work through quickly that which calls you to stop in order to understand.

Faith is a critical piece in everyone’s life regardless of what they may say. Their belief will catch up with them sooner or later.

And when it does, allow me to note that if you are focused on a Faith that Transforms your life, take a look at the Inventory and how it can Increase one’s Faith.

See below 10 opportunities that when applied in the course of one’s life brings to the forefront a faith many have used which moved them forward as they had hoped.

  • Reading Scripture    – Listening     – Sacrificing     – Friendship
  • Reading Fiction        – Praying        – Giving             – Meditating
  • Worshiping                – Serving                  

There is no rhyme or reason with these 10 words. Read through them and see which ones are needed most at this time of your life. Be free to move about the 10 until you have felt freed and on your way having found once again the journey of life in God.

Investing our time in any of the above Increases our Faith and Transforms our lives if we continue giving our time where it is needed.

That Investment of Time builds confidence in who we Trust. 

In Part 3 we will work through the 10 definitions outlined above.

Blessings – MC



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