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Greetings all! I took several weeks to spend time with my family and am ready to move forward with part 3, where I left you hanging.

At the end of Part 2, I shared 10 opportunities available to all of us.

Inside of these 10, we can locate a life that creates faith. So let’s get to it and stop wasting our time!

Reading Scripture – Read The Gospel of John because Jesus shows us the Father. Take notes that jump out at you and continue to learn from John, it never ends. Then, you’re on your own to ask God; what’s next for me to read.

Reading Fiction – My wife Lynda begged me to read fiction. I gave in and my life changed with the first fiction. Why? because good writers share their life through others that you and I don’t know until we read. And when we get in it we find all truth is God’s truth!

Worshipping – This takes some time but it is absolutely critical for all who long to become closer to Heaven on Earth. Oh, and Spotify has some great Christian pieces. Listen to those that touch you over and over allowing God to speak to you through music and the lyrics.

Listening – Stop right here right now. On a scale of 1-10, how are you at listening (1 terrible to 10 awesome). Now, all of us have some problems with listening but that can be changed if we are willing to hear what others have to say. Jesus said; he who has ears to hear let him hear. It’s a game-changer.

 Praying – The number of Pastors who pray are probably well below the actual numbers. How do I know that you may ask? Because I was one of those Pastors who would pray only when I had to at church. So I started at Life Community a Prayer Component. We used Richard Foster, Philip Yancey, Ann Lamott, & Ted Loder. Try it

 Serving – I can’t think of another word like this word to get us out of our day-to-day routine about US! It’s just something about US that misses out on finding others who are in need. We don’t have to do it on our own, there are plenty of non-profits both Christian and Non-Christian. Get Out and Get In, make a difference!

Sacrificing – Is Surrender. I often speak on daily surrender which is not fully invested only in sacrificing, but can become a part of caring for others. You and I have the opportunity to help not only those we pursue with a myriad of options but watch this, our actions for others do not end there. God sees us at our best when we care for others and assures us that our sacrifice never goes unknown.

Giving – To give of yourself as serving and sacrificing is part of one’s maturity. Allow that to sink in! But here, with this word giving. I am thinking of the first Church in Acts 2:41-42:

All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone who had need”

That first Church grew due to all giving what they had and understanding that this was needed for the Church to survive and thrive.

9. Friendship – I love this word! Relationships are great but Friendships are special. If you have 5 to 10 friends on this journey of life you are rich by comparison. And to that point, stop now and consider your 5 to 10 and thank God for how He brought you together.

10 Meditating – This word and the weight of this word began a long. long time ago. Many Protestant Christians seem to walk around it, thus missing the possibility to go deeper with God. In our own vernacular, I would note these few words. Words Create Worldstherefore consider these words, if they do not make sense go to the dictionary (no pun intended): Reflection, Contemplation, Spirituality, Mindfulness, and Awareness. Those five alone could get you moving forward if you so desire.

Blessings – MC



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