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About seven years ago I had an opportunity to meet Father Richard Rohr one on one while looking at a variety of his best-selling books. FRR, as I like to call him, was a gracious host to me as I bombarded him with questions about this book or that book. Meeting this man changed a part of my life. Others have as well, just not like FRR. 

And as we continue with the question; Where Are We Headed, I hope you will feel why I have brought this question into our lives.

The year FRR and I met was a time in my life when I had begun to de-construct some old and worn-out concepts I had been hanging onto regarding life itself.

As a pastor, I longed to be able to understand for me; and share with Life Community Church, some of what I had wrestled with through my own life as I worked at deconstructing what many had told me to be the truth.

Deconstructing, at least in my world, is far easier than Reconstructing. Challenging what you believe beyond its worth is difficult, to say the least.

In Jesus’ famous Sermon On the Mount in Matthew 5, we find Jesus speaking about six issues after he has concluded the opening Beatitudes. In each of those six topics, he uses this phrase; You have heard that it was said….But I say….

What’s up with Jesus here? Whether Jesus is deconstructing or just going a little bit deeper with these 6 issues, with those 4 words; But I tell you….

Jesus wasn’t trying to explain or correct but to contrast the Mosaic Law with the New Covenant. In fact, all of Matthew 5-7 is at that time new instructions straight from Jesus. The King has come.

Where Are We Headed? continues today even with a Bible that purports to be without error. 

But Jesus not only came to save us, He also came to challenge us. In my thought process, when it comes to Jesus, we can understand God more fully than ever.

It seems simple once we connect the Divine to our hearts and minds.

Where Are We Headed? Wherever God in Christ through the Holy Spirit leads us. 

Let’s talk about how that can only work inside out, day by day, open, not closed, giving not taking in Part 4.

God’s peace,




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