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In part 1 we spoke of Jesus as a disturber of assumptions. Those assumptions at times provoked people to consider new ways. They also prompted people to act in new ways.

In Matthew 9 Jesus is speaking with some of John the Baptist’s disciples who asked a question. Why don’t you and your disciples fast?

Jesus used a couple of responses and one of them was about new wine being poured into old wineskins which were No Bueno as the old wineskins would be destroyed. Matthew 9:17 ends with this, But new wine is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved.

Jesus noted a thing or two with this wine thing. But what jumps out to us here is that Jesus was sharing a new truth with us. You and I are allowed the freedom to re-examine that which we did not know.

Underlying Jesus’ parables we find new ways to understand our faith moving forward. We need to be using the freedom Jesus gives us to realign our life to fit into the new life He has offered us.

Jesus to me seemed to be a sneaky Savior at times. By that I mean He was laying down some stuff that people were picking up.  You couldn’t do that before Jesus dropped into our place and challenged us to have, eyes to see and ears to hear.  

Pretty soon, these tales from Jesus caught on. 

Pretty soon, the institutional religions in that day as in our day began to wither a wee bit.

Pretty soon, we can hear Jesus’ words; Preserve what I have begun!

Pretty soon, we get it; organic relationships reproduce communities.

Pretty soon, we should all can be ready as the Greeks were…suntereo onios – Preserve the Wine

Preserve what Jesus began!




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