Two minute read. Brother Luke caught Jesus going into the Temple. Actually I don’t think Luke accompanied […]
Two minute read. Do you often think about the things that come into your life and […]
Two minute read. What about YOU? What about ME? What about US? Is God able to […]
Two minute read. We finished The Miracle of You -2 as we looked at two men; Saul […]
Two minute read. Toward the end of the first piece on The Miracle of You, I noted that […]
Two minute read. Samuel Johnson said;  “Almost all of us waste a part of our life […]
One minute read. As we look forward, what do we see? Well, there is a lot […]
Two minute read. It was Philip Yancey (I hope you’ve read some of his work) who […]
One minute read. In a prayer for his friends in Philippi, Paul wrote these words to […]
Two minute read. The Heart of the Matter is TRULY the Matter of the Heart. When […]