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Greetings friends and newcomers. 

I want to jump back into our ALIVENESS in this post, as we understand together that living isn’t just about a pulse, it’s about how we’ve embraced our purpose regarding living day by day.

We long to get where we want to be. What do you think about that?

I know there have been a number of times that I’d like to have gotten beyond where I was in order to be where I longed to be.

Most of those times proved me wrong. Many of us miss the point of purpose because purpose takes up a great deal of our life. 

As William Wallace said; All men die but not all men live.

Sometime back I picked up a book from one of my favorite authors, Eugene Peterson, entitled Living The Resurrection. It became for me the breaking in of a completely new way of living life!

The primary component needed for the resurrection is the energy to create the power of life over death. Today is both the first day and the last day of our life. It has never been before and it never will be again.

Think about that. How does it challenge you? And why is it so important?

All we do and become has a beginning point we all know as NOW!

The moments of our lives are always being competed for and thus we choose what wins out in the moments. Like algorithms, they mold us into who we are at the present.

Everyone is a beginner at Living the Resurrection. No one is an expert even after they have logged in years of life. But Jesus doesn’t invite us to a conclusion; He invites us onto a path because relationships are the power that drives the economy of ALIVENESS where we are.

Someone once said that; Jesus didn’t come with an agenda. He was the agenda.

Could it be that Jesus’ agenda was that we would find in Him life now that would last Forever? Check out Romans 8:11.

And earlier, the Apostle Paul would share with the Greek Athenians the baseline of pursuing Jesus in Acts 17:28. For in him we live and move and have our being.

Who are we in our being? Vines Expository Dictionary notes this of the word being. It represents the present tense of the verb to be or “we are.”

Who are we? We are people of BEING.

I know we focus more on DOING in the Western world but what we Do, while being important at times doesn’t compare with living the life of whom we are becoming.

Check out next Tuesday’s post as we continue to look inward to where we are day by day.   




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