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Sometimes we can get so used to life as it is that we forget to see if we are actually alive to living.

It’s easy to do but difficult to clear. At Life Community, we have used this concept called ESR (Everyday Sustainable Relationships) to challenge us to look into life one day at a time.

It is a way of creating meaning-filled connectivity with people we are journeying with. While that can be successful, we must be cautious that we do not forget others in our life who are in need of ESR as well.

Living life one day at a time was God’s idea, right? When you and I get ahold of that type of living, connectivity literally changes our thought process toward others.

When we finally begin to listen to those we are traveling with, life changes. It has to be because we begin to understand how wonderful life is in the presence of people who have found connectivity together.

At Life Community, we have recently been using the word; gathered.

It’s another thought process we use to encourage being with others. And here’s why.

Adults don’t like being with adults whom they don’t know or know a little about and don’t like. If that’s us, what are we afraid of?

Those others whom we might not have considered may have a lot to share. Just thinking, “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”.

Let’s not miss what we’ve already missed in people who have something to say going forward.

Can we agree that throwing stones is not in the interest of anyone?

We were created to locate options with opportunities. And we were created to be known just as we are called to know others. 

St. Irenaeus said; The glory of God is man fully alive. Many churches seem to have lost their opportunity to honor that quote in others. 

Pastor Hugh Halter notes that: Most churchgoers never do this because their church experience is separated from their actual life. I believe Brother Halter has hit the nail on the head!

Separation occurs when you and I divide rather than unite specific areas of our lives. 

Attempting to get back to what Jesus might say, I spend some time sitting still imagining his voice saying things like this to me:

  • Stop trading the authentic for the imitation
  • Rearrange your life to make room for ME
  • For crying out loud slow down
  • Have a significant conversation with a human being
  • Join others on that journey we’ve talked about and really do it!

How Alive Are We? Let’s get back to that question in another post this Thursday. There’s much to contemplate in ESR. Try and consider how this opportunity can change your friendship.




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