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Hey friends, it’s a beautiful Wednesday evening here in Mt. Pleasant, SC and I’ve been wanting to open up this word pivot for two or three posts. 

Let’s jump in and if you love baseball (or not) let’s throw some stuff around this word pivot which always seems to get us in trouble, or not!

Here’s my initial thought about Mr. Pivot. The word pivot defined means; The central point on which something or someone turns.”

I think most of us at times connect with a central point and that is why I’ve been wanting to open up to this word pivot. 

Because in my world, to pivot, is to be at the right time and the right place where we begin to find our lives centered in Jesus. It’s sort of like asking for a date and getting a YES! 

Pivotal moments are where God gets through to us in three specific ways; our Conversations, our Relationships, and our Maturity.

I am thinking God changes and chases us in order to blend into a community that is changing culture. How about you, are you moving into an opportunity to say yes to God and jump into the deep end? I’d bet you are.

Let’s think about this. Jesus, with the most progressive concepts bar none, has given us a wee bit of a challenge.

Remember back in Mark 1 where Jesus just let it roll!

Behold the Kingdom of God is near. Rethink the way you’ve been thinking. 

Think about that. It was Jesus’ pivot, his coming out challenge, one which was made and continues today to push us into the fray of culture and community. 




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