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You may recall life when you were growing up as a child. 

You may recall the experience of growing up and making small decisions. And at some point, your teeny tiny life taught you this phrase; So What?

Well, it wasn’t just you, it was all of us! You and I got used to using that phrase quite often. It rolled out of our mouths more than any other because it gave us a Place To Hide.

A Sociologist would tell us that So What? was our way to challenge our friends, our family, our foes, and oftentimes ourselves.

So What? was a mantra which grew as we grew. It came as a rallying cry for our individual freedom. And many Americans these days love to pull the Freedom card on others because; You Can’t Tell Me What To Do! 

Let’s hope that for the most part, you and I are not expressing that Freedom card any longer.

Let’s hope that for the most part, you and I have overcome having to have our way be it true or false.

Let’s hope that for the most part, we are reconstructing this concept that we must be held as the arbiter in all things.

When Jesus comes into his adult life, he has come to understand how he will comport himself as he begins his ministry.

I want us to jump into what we can call; The Jesus Story.

Let’s assume that our lives are divided into two kinds of space and time. Let’s assume some dual categories we live in; There is;

  • The Sacred and the Secular
  • The Holy and the Evil
  • The Divine and the Common
  • There is Life and there is Death
  • There is Work and there is Play
  • There are the Important and the Trivial
  • There is the Ordinary and the Extraordinary

What we have placed in these 7 Dual Categories for many people are divisions that are acceptable. There is This and there is That, it’s just the way life is.

Or is it?

  • Can the Trivial become Important?
  • Can the Extraordinary become the Ordinary?
  • Can the Secular become Sacred?
  • Can Death lead to Life?

It is interesting to note that in The Jesus Story we find a leaving behind such divisions.

How about taking just one of these 7 dual categories and considering this; What would it be like in our life, if we chose, as Jesus did, to release the concept of divisions that are unacceptable? 

On Thursday this week, we’ll look at what that might entail. 

Blessings – MC



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