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How would you complete this sentence; Sharing Life Begins With…?

There are so many words we could choose that would fit this sentence. 

May I suggest one word that jumps out?  COURAGE

In many ways, life is about finding the courage to live. Courage is available to anyone. And courage is inspiring as it creates. What say you?

Think with me for a moment about someone who has inspired you.

Don’t reach out to athletes, movie stars, multiplied millionaires, etc.

Let your inspired individual be someone you know. Got it?

What about this person you’ve chosen? There are two primaries to look at.  First, was it about what they DID or Second, was it about who they ARE?

It is both, right? But which one would YOU choose as most critical in challenging your life?

I’ve been going to Church for 58 years if you don’t take into account the year or two when I checked out. 

I can tell you lot’s of inspiring Biblical stories.

I can also tell you, I never knew any of those people in person.

Their stories inspire from afar and that has been hopeful.

Your story could inspire up close. That can be CONTAGIOUS!

I love the Bible and I’ve worked with it for over 52 years if you don’t take into account the year or two when I checked out.

The Bible is not the conclusion of God’s revelation to us. He’s still writing His Story through your life and mine.

And it’s not just because He loves – He does.

But it is because He loves the Community you’re in.

God’s desire is not simply to change you and me – It is.

But through US to Create a Contagious Culture of Change.

In Matthew 5 Jesus looks at us and says; you are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden……let your light shine before

mankind., that they may see your good deeds…..

Jesus begins his earthly ministry by telling people this;

You are so much more than you can imagine!

We’ll conclude Sharing Life this Thursday. Hope you’ll join us.




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