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In my post at the beginning of this week, I went on a mini riff at the ending with these three words from Jesus; Love one another.

Now all of us love many people in our lives. And that is awesome! But Jesus messes with us a bit here in that John 13 passage. He challenges us with this sentence; As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

I think we all push back at Jesus’ point here. There is always someone we either don’t like or someone we’ve no intention of loving. I don’t see Jesus asking us; please, please, please; love one another.

As a matter of fact, what we read in John 13, if we are honest is; 

I’ve loved you (Mike) how about you start loving other people unlike you?

But we are reticent to love people we do not like. Do we know those people? Many of us do. But we have little interest in loving them. They’ve become sola non grata (a person who is unacceptable or unwelcome).

Seriously, Jesus didn’t say; Hey Mike it would be really great if you could love others that you come in contact with. That would be very helpful for people who may be rethinking changing their life.


You never know in the good old USA these days. 

Early next week we’ll be back with two posts focused on Sharing Life. In the meantime shoot me any thoughts you have on these first several approaches. 




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