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Thanks for your interest in these last four posts on Sharing Life.

Most of us long to push forward in becoming the people God has called us to be. And while it may be years in the making for us, I want to open up this final approach of Sharing Life.

It’s no small issue to bring into our lives the idea expressed in the last post from these 6 words. Create a Contagious Culture of Change.

Without the COURAGE to trust God, we’ll never find ourselves Sharing Life. LIFE is about finding the courage to live in spite of our pre-disposition for diversion or distraction.

When we looked at Jesus in Matthew earlier this week, we did not find Him saying to us; You might one day become light. Remember what He said; You are the light of the world. 

Does that sound like we have a choice regarding what to do with this light? God’s suggestion is to share it, Share LIFE! In fact, it may be impossible not to share it!

Courage is available to anyone who chooses such. And courage is always inspiring for those who are finding the change that begins when we push ahead.

I have come to realize through the Life Community experiment, that God’s Vision is worthless without a community to embody it. Connecting with God will mess up most of our lives in this World.

I learned these two words in tandem during a partnership with Auxin-Church Unique. Those two words were – Apostolic Esprit. Those words defined mean; Being Alive Where God Has Planted You.

Those 7 words, if we allow them, can be the opening option of consideration.

And consideration, once given can lead us back to the God who created us, cared for us, and called us to Share LIFE.

The truth here is that you and I believe this to be true.

Our process is to find the Spiritual Courage needed to be a part of this awesome calling to Share LIFE!

To Frame, or in many ways Reframe, is all about capturing the true essence of the picture that Jesus speaks of throughout the New Testament. 

Ask yourself; How Ready Are We To Share LIFE?

My guess is that many of you are ready to move forward.

Today may well be the first day to Create a Contagious Culture of Change.

The Peace of the Lord be always with you,




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