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Jesus was often seen as a disturber of assumptions. We could say that He provoked us to think and He prompted us to act in new ways. Where Are We Headed? One day at a time, you and I will discover this truth.

Transformation Internally Becomes Manifested Externally.

Yesterday is gone. Today is here. Tomorrow is unknown

But while yesterday is gone, it can also stay with us in a number of ways. Like when you played a round and scored the best you had scored in the last 3 months. That reality takes some time to let go of, right?

We cling to those times when we come through and the past reopens to us to savor what we had accomplished. But like everything that’s good, we have the potential to overdo or overindulge. 

Comfort becomes uncomfortable and pleasures become predictable. 

Holding old things loosely is essential to receiving new things that await us. If we are constantly living in the past, the present doesn’t get the attention it needs or matters to us.

Where Are We Headed is a challenging thought that actually leads to another question. How Will We Get There?

Both questions can be, no, that’s wrong, both questions should be considered once every three to four months. That is if we are not just daydreaming too much time away.

Both of these questions are critical to our lives, and no one knows this better than God.

In his Wisdom Literature in the Old Testament, the book of Proverbs is replete with a call to pursue wisdom.

How much better to get wisdom than gold! To get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver. Proverbs 16:16

Jesus throughout the Gospels of the New Testament also encourages us in so many ways: Think, Consider, Imagine, Reason, Reflect, Believe, Suppose, and Plan.

Hey, think with me here, Plan calls us to begin by jotting down some notes that we have been thinking regarding Jesus and how He changed so many who came in touch with him.

Jesus had us in mind a couple of millennials later. His position remained for you and me as it was for those in the 1st Palestine; Follow me…..

So let’s do it and let us begin now. 

There’s enough in this single blog post to get started.

Review it and pull out that which grabs you or calls you, or challenges you.

Do it, One Day At A Time!




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