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No doubt we all have heard these words before; “I solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.”

The context of that sentence is one of obligation, especially in a Court of Law.

What if you and I were able to tell the truth simply because we knew the truth? A truth that had changed you.

You also may have heard these words; “Truth is relative” like gravity.

Actually, truth isn’t relative; only our perception of truth is relative.

And yet, you and I can not only know the truth, but we can also experience the truth as well. 

Last week we started into the concept of sharing life with others, specifically, those with whom we may not want to share life.

I bring this up because as we read through the Gospels we find that Jesus takes us into the truth not away from it.

The truth is bigger than any religion, and truth can turn up in some very strange places.

Jesus, the central figure of Christianity, went where others were in need. What an unusual idea! 

He understood that others were not just worth connecting with, they were human beings, like you and me in need of being loved.

Does it seem strange to us that Jesus would invite us to build a friendship with people different than us?

Do we have a strategy for living a life like this? In one huge way yes.

We have this Jesus, this progressive and advancing God who saw needs we may seldom see or even want to see.

Those who came in touch with this Jesus believed he had been a part of the story of their life. The same life you and I have witnessed.

God is setting us up. He has a plan. Do we care?




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