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One of the most encouraging phenomena in the life we live has to be sharing that life with others.

They need not be best friends or people who are just like us. If that has been your approach to life (and it has for us all at times) for heaven’s sake get off of that path and onto a more challenging path.

Why share life with those who may not be like us? 

The first thought that comes into my heart and mind is that Jesus went out of his way to connect with those whose lives he was called to.

You and I have probably felt the need (even if we didn’t pursue it) to consider the thought at least. And that should lead us to wonder, what if we tried beginning to reach out to those others?

Well the “what if” would probably make a difference. 

As I recall, Jesus changed his plans at times. Instead of going here, he would say; “I’ve had a change of heart and mind guys, we’re needed elsewhere.”

The “elsewhere” can change our lives as well as the lives of others.

And God knows that full well!

It’s fun to have friends and families that are like us. We need them, that’s why God brought us into their lives and them into our life.

But when was the last time that you engaged another human being unlike you? 

Trust God with this. All of us need outliers. They can make a positive impact like no one else. Perhaps this is the day to consider reaching out and trusting God.

All Truth Is God’s Truth Arthur Holmes



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